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Title Loans

We do title loans at our store in Winnemucca, NV. Unlike all the other listings for "title loans", we are actually in Winnemucca, NV.  Bring your item in and walk out with cash today!

Get a title loan on your:
     - Car
     - Truck
     - SUV
     - RV
     - 5th Wheel
     - Trailer
     - Four wheeler
     - Razor
     - Motorcycle
     - We do NOT do title loans on, boats, jet skis, or wave runners.

What is a title loan and how does it work? Our title loans work exactly like our pawn loans. We provide you with a 90-day cash loan, we hold your item, title and keys as collateral. Basically, you are promising to repay the loan within 90 days and we are promising not to sell your item during your 90 day loan period. You can repay your loan in full anytime within the 90 days.  The sooner you repay your loan the less interest and storage fees you pay.  If you do not repay your loan and storage fees in full within 90 days, you lost your item.   

What's the next step?  Bring in your ID, title, current registration, proof of insurance and keys. We will only do a title loan with the person who's name is on the title.  We will inspect your item and make a cash loan offer based on what we believe the resale value to be. If you accept the offer, your item will be placed in a secure outdoor storage facility, we type up the paperwork and loan you the cash.  It's that simple. 

Our title loans are for 90 days.  The interest rate is 13% per 30 day period.  Interest is added to your loan at the start of each 30 day period.  Storage fee of your item is an additional $3 per day.  Below is an example showing you how much a $1,000 loan would cost if you paid your loan back in full on the 30th day, 60th day or 90th day.

EXAMPLE of a $1,000 loan:
Loan amount                                 $1,000
Ticket Fee                                     $5
Interest                                          $130 (13% of $1,000 equals $130 per 30 day period)
Storage Fee                                  $90 ($3 per day x 30 days equals $90 per 30 day period)
Total Amount Due on 30th day     $1,225
​Total Amount Due on 60th day     $1,445
Total Amount Due on 90th day     $1,665
Total Amount Due on 91st day     $0 (You lost your item.)

​IMPORTANT: Our title loans are for 90 days can NOT be renewed or extended. If you do not repay your loan and storage fees in full within 90 days, you lost your item. No exceptions.