​We Buy, Sell & Loan on Metal Detectors 

We buy and sell metal detectors at our store in Winnemucca, NV.  We have metal detectors from Minelab, Fisher, White's and Garrett. Metal ​detecting aound Winnemucca is a fun and rewarding hobby for those of us who like the outdoors. Here in Winnemucca we have so many places to go metal detecting. Winnemucca Mountain and Jungo Road are just a couple minutes north of downtown. Rose Creek is just down the road to the west and Rye Patch is only an hour away. 

With the long mining history in Humboldt and Pershing County who knows what you can find with a metal detector. Mother nature, settlers and miners have left behind lots of treats just waiting for us to find them. There's more than gold nuggets out there. Settlers and miners either dropped, lost or buried gold coins, silver coins and gold jewelry. Imagine finding a couple of one ounce gold coins buried in a mason jar or a rare date Morgan silver dollar coin. Think about our local parks. How many broken gold bracelets, gold necklaces and gold rings have been lost in the grass? Stop by, check out the metal detectors we have for sale and begin looking for gold today.

Turn your metal detecting finds into cash! We buy gold nuggetsgold jewelrygold coins and silver coins.

​We offer private meetings by appointment to go over high value items or collections that you are interested in selling. Call our store and we can set up a time to meet. 

Another option if you need some extra money right now but don't really want to sell your metal detector is to consider getting a 90-day pawn loan at our store.

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